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Facilities of Institutions


Smart Classrooms
Audio,Visual & Play way method of teaching personal and intensive care on slow learners.
Computer Laboratories
Providing basic computer knowledge.
Classrooms & Library
Well furnished Classrooms & Libarary Room.
Createing English atmosphere and providing quality education.
Conducting various competitions to inclucate in children a "seeking spirit".
Qualified, Dedicated and inspiring faculty.

World Class Education at your neighbourhood.

Teaching Children. Hard Work and Determination.

When we talk about teaching children hard work and determination, we're not talking about the idea of making children hard and tough, callousing their hands and emotions. We're talking about building their self-confidence and self-image to pursue their dreams, achieve the goals they set out to achieve, and to have the chance to continuing to "stay the course" even when something is difficult. Teaching children hard work and determination takes offering them chances to try new things, encouraging them through their hard work, helping them "troubleshoot" when they hit a speed bump, and offering specific and effort-oriented praise instead of only results-oriented praise.

We make a Different view. AMAR JYOTI JOKHAN (A.J.J.) ACADEMY is a modern theme for the leading Educational Institutions.

Top level classroom setup

Desks are a staple of the 'modern' classroom as we know it. Usually, these learning spaces are simple, and simply arranged: places for students to sit and read and write, lined up neatly in rows. While progress has been in the design of schools and classrooms, it's usually only in pockets of well-funded 'future schools' with very little application for the rest of us.

A teacher is the only person who does hard labor to make his student understand each and every point of knowledge, whether it's of subject or knowledge of life. Our tradition and religious texts have kept teachers one level above from the parents as it is believed that parents give birth to a child but a teacher converts him into a human being.

Meet our Teachers Our highly qualified teachers put in their best efforts for outstanding results in both studies and co-curricular activities.